Visual & Performing Arts Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways: What is it?

​​​​The Guided Pathways framework creates a highly structured approach to student success that provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns that promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for future success. The Guided Pathways framework also integrates support services in ways that make it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their community college experience.

Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) in Visual and Performing Arts

The Associate Degree in Transfer provides a seamless transfer to the California State University system. (Students completing this degree are not required to fulfill additional local graduation requirements.)

ADT in Art History

The Associate in Arts Degree in Art History for Transfer (AA-T) at Citrus College promotes an understanding of art across cultures and geographic boundaries. Students are taught to articulate the historical, social and aesthetic functions of art through understanding of fundamental art and art history terminology, appreciation for art processes and analysis of art works.

ADT in Music

The discipline of music includes theoretical and practical courses, providing preparation in harmony, musicianship, history, applied study and performance. The degree program allows for a course of study that expands and increases personal performance techniques through practicum classes and music theory. In addition, these fundamental skills will prepare a transfer student with the necessary foundation to be successful at third year university level.

ADT in Studio Arts

The Associate in Arts in Studio Arts for Transfer (AA-T), also called the Studio Arts AA-T Degree, prepares students to transfer to CSU campuses that offer bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art. Students earning the Studio Arts AA-T will be granted priority for admission as a Studio Arts major to a local CSU, as determined by the CSU campus to which the student applies.This transfer degree is designed to prepare students to understand and appreciate various art forms, history and media.

ADT in Theatre

The discipline of theatre arts includes theoretical and practical courses in all aspects of theatre, providing preparation in acting, directing, and technical theatre through productions. The degree program allows for a course of study that expands and increases creativity. It is a meaningful journey of personal discovery and self-expansion. It connects the study of script analysis to creating complex characters or theatrical designs. In addition, a solid foundation of fundamental skills learned through a variety of performance as well as technical theatre courses will help the student build confidence and emphasize the importance of responsibility, dedication, collaboration and commitment.

Associate Degrees in Visual and Performing Arts

AA in Dance
AA in Film Studies
AA in Music
AA in Theatre Arts
AA in Theatre Arts- Acting Emphasis
AA in Visual Arts
AA in Digital and Web Design
AA in Photography
AA in Recording Technology

Certificates of Achievement in Performing Arts

Audio Recording Technology
Commercial Dance
Emerging Theatre Technologies (ETT)

Certificates of Achievement in Visual Arts

Ceramics- One Year
Ceramics- Two Year
Digital and Web Design
Media Arts
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