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  • Students entering the arts or entertainment industry must be able to navigate a world of rapidly changing technology and business practices. Why call it the entertainment industry instead of just art, theater, dance, or music? Citrus College’s Visual and Performing Arts faculty believe segregating the arts into separate genres only tends to limit creativity, collaboration and our ability to reach new audiences. To survive and prosper, students must embrace technology, new themes and envision new methods of delivery to actively engage audiences.

    Many educational paradigms have led students to believe if they have a thorough knowledge of technology; computers, editing systems, lighting systems, automated rigging, digital storage mediums, networking, set and lighting design, audio and lighting consoles, etc., they will be successful. All too often the assumption is that a highly qualified technically proficient student will have the ability to create successful art projects, write great scripts or compose music. But technology and creativity are not mutually exclusive. Many people believe if they only had a faster computer or the newest upgraded software they would be more creative. In reality, the same creative skills such as a great script, excellent musicianship, design, acting ability, or dance background have been around for the millennia and are still necessary in today’s world. Whatever your path may be, it is creativity, vision, ingenuity and collaboration that will always be in demand.

    Citrus College’s Visual and Performing Arts programs have created the perfect environment to develop the collaborative artist. Designed as a working production company, programs and curriculum are specifically designed to be interdisciplinary and highly interactive. Many of our Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs prepare you to directly enter the professional world while our academic tracks guarantee that you will be highly competitive as a transfer student. - Robert Slack (Dean of Visual & Performing Arts)

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    Featured Alumni

    • There are benefits to being raised in a musical family. Having a lifelong love of music instilled in her at a young age opened up a whole world for 28-year-old Corona resident Ashley Grether. She has gone from singing in a children’s choir her mother ran from the family garage to starring in musical theatre productions throughout the region. She also parlayed her knowledge of the voice and how it works into a career helping others as a licensed speech language pathologist assistant.

    • Citrus College's very own Night Shift takes Hawaii by storm on their yearly 2 week tour to the Sheraton Waikiki! Joining them on the tour the one and only Melissa Manchester with The Blue Note Orchestra for a two night dinner performance!

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